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Draft Consultation Plan - Wharves


Consultation Plan –HCC owned Wharves,  March – May 2017



HCC commissioned Calibre Consulting to undertake a comprehensive survey of the Council’s wharves at Rona Bay, Days Bay, Point Howard and Petone and then to produce a report on the wharves’ condition and options for their future.

The wharves are between 87 and 120 years old and being near the end of their useful economic lives, Council needs to consider their long-term future.

Consultation will focus on a number of options for each of the wharves and the estimated cost of each option.

Council will be encouraged to consider the options on the wharves as a group of like assets rather than on an individual basis.


Consultation will commence in March 2017 and go through to the end of April 2017.  While consultation on the wharves will be part of the wider Community Plan consultation, additional specific engagement will be made with identified stakeholders and public meetings arranged in Eastbourne and Petone, to inform and canvass public views on the proposed options.

Stakeholder Groups

The following groups have been identified as likely to have an interest and wanting to participate in the process leading up to a decision by Council. There may be other groups who will come to light during the course of the consultation with whom we will engage.


Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust                   Taranaki Whanui

Petone Community Board                                           Eastbourne Community Board

Greater Wellington Regional Council                       Department of Conservation

Historic Places Trust                                                        Lower Hutt Historical Society

Petone Historical Society                                              Historical Society of Eastbourne

East by West Ferries                                                       Rona Bay Wharf Trust

Days Bay Wharf Steering Group                                                Petone Action Group

Lowry Bay Yacht Club                                                     Muritai Yacht Club

Heretaunga Boating Club                                              Eastbourne Dunes Group

Friends of Petone Beach                                              Wellington Surfcasting and Angling Club

Pt Howard Residents’ Association                            Lowry Bay Residents’ Association

Days Bay Residents’ Association                                                York Bay Residents’ Association

Fishing Wellington Group - Facebook page           Local MPs

Eastbourne Community Notice Board Public Group - Facebook Page

Pacific Services Network                                               Hutt Multi-Cultural Ethnic Council




Consultation Material

The following documents will be publicly available as part of the consultation process.

1.    The Future of HCC Wharves - Summary of options and issues.

2.    Report to the Community Plan Committee on the future of the HCC Wharves.

3.    Hutt City Wharf Condition Report and Options prepared by Calibre Consulting.

4.    Power point presentation on summary of options and issues.

5.    Set of FAQ responses prepared.

6.    Posters of options located on or near wharves.

7.    Questionnaire (either separate or as part of CP consultation on all projects)

8.    Options included in generic consultation material.

Consultation material would be available on-line and at all libraries/ service centres.


Consultation Activity

 The following table outlines the proposed consultation programme.







Hutt News feature

Public notice of meetings



Council website


All consultation material posted to HCC website

March and April


Social Media


Information linked to HCC social media sites.

Specifically engage with facebook page for Fishing community.

Post on Neighbourly

Monitor and respond as appropriate to posts.

March and April



Letters and information sent to all stakeholders.



Public Meetings

Meetings held in Petone and Eastbourne to be hosted by the respective Community Boards.

21 March, Petone

28 March, Eastbourne


One on one meetings

Individual meetings with iwi organisations and others as required.



On site publicity

Posters at entrance to each wharf.

March and April



Libraries/ Service centres

Hard copies of consultation material  will be made available at all Council libraries/service centres

March and April




The preference is for written submissions but notes from meetings or conversations could also be used as a submission if that is the preference of the group or individual submitting. 

Written submissions can be posted or E-mailed to HCC.

E-mail address:

Postal submissions:         Wharves

                                                Hutt City Council

                                                Private Bag 31912

                                                LOWER HUTT 5040


Submissions will be stored in TRIM under xxxxx


Submitters will be advised when their submission has been received.


Submitters will be provided with information about the hearings and the meeting.

Submission Period

Monday 6 March to Friday 28 April 2017

Hearing of Submissions

Community Plan Committee meets on   16 & 17 May 2017 to hear submitters who have indicated a desire to speak to their submission.

Meeting where decision is made

Officers will report to the Community Plan Committee meeting on 1 June 2017.  A copy of the report will be made available to submitters before the meeting.


Document preparation:  Bruce and Craig

Technical Adviser: Tom Arthur, Calibre Consulting

Communications Advisor:  Sue Lytollis

Website Material:  Sonja Cabrera

Record Management:  Nathan Surridge

Decision Makers:  Community Plan Committee and Council