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Community Plan Committee

06 January 2017




File: (17/2)





Report no: CPC2017/1/43


Valley Floor Review† - Ten Year Plan


Purpose of Report

1.††† This report outlines a ten year implementation plan arising from actions identified in the Valley Floor Review adopted by Council last year.


It is recommended that Council:

(i)††† notes the Valley Floor Review was adopted by Council in March 2016 with the understanding that a 10 year implementation plan would be put forward for consideration as part of this yearís Community Plan;††

(ii)†† notes the total estimated cost of improvement projects within the proposed 10 year implementation plan is $4.785M, which is attached as Appendix 1 to the report;

(iii)† notes that there is $1.52M within the first 10 years of the Community Plan 20-year budget, with a further $4.0M in generic reserve improvements within the second 10 year period, which could be used to implement the proposed works; and

(iv) agrees to bring forward budget provision to implement the proposed works as per the implementation plan.†



2.††† At its meeting of 15 March 2016, Council considered and adopted the Valley Floor Review.† The two main themes of the review were the need to make improvements to local reserves to enhance their usefulness as informal recreational spaces for their communities and the use of reserve spaces to improve the walking and cycling network throughout the City.

3.††† Council agreed that officers prepare a 10 year plan of proposed works and budget estimates required to implement the Review, for consideration in the next Community Plan.

4.††† Attached as Appendix 1 to the report is the draft plan, which is divided into three main sections: Connectivity, Neighbourhood Reserve Activation and Ecological Enhancement.

5.††† The Plan prioritises proposed works and links them to the key directions established by Council in its reserves strategy, Reserves Strategic Directions 2016 Ė 2026, which was reviewed and updated last year.† The works described in the Connectivity section of the Implementation Plan also align with the Leisure and Wellbeing Strategy and the Walking and Cycling Strategy.† The total cost of proposed works is estimated to be $4.785M.

6.††† The main projects within the Implementation Plan are:


∑††††† New walkway/cycleways for Waiwhetu Stream, Te Mome Stream & improvements for the Petone Foreshore walkway.

∑††††† Perimeter paths for sports grounds, (Fraser, Naenae, Petone, Sladden, Trafalgar)

∑††††† Neighbourhood reserve development Ė(Various reserves)


7.††† The works outlined in the proposed implementation plan were identified through the Valley Floor Review project and as such are not new. However most of these works have yet to be specifically included within the Councilís Long Term Plan (LTP), though the LTP does have monies allocated generically for reserves upgrades ($5.12M) and new tracks ($800k), which could be used to implement the proposed works. Most of this allocation however sits within the second half of the 20 year budget.

8.††† Council will need to consider the relative priority of this programme of works against other proposed works across Council activities and how this fits within the Councilís financial strategy.


9.††† There are three main options which Council could consider in order to implement the proposed works over a 10 year timeframe;


∑††††† Provide additional budget to what is currently in the LTP;

∑††††† Bring forward generic budget provision from outer years;

∑††††† Extend the work programme from 10 to 20 years.


10.† A combination of these options, implementing a reduced programme, or a do nothing approach could also be considered.

11.† Officers are proposing that budget provision in the LTP be brought forward in order to implement the works.


12.† The Valley Floor Review was the subject of extensive consultation and feedback.† It is proposed that Council engage with the community through the Community Plan process on the funding requirements to implement the Review.

Legal Considerations

13.† There are no legal considerations.

Financial Considerations

14.† Bringing forward budget provision in order to undertake this programme of works will have an impact on the Councilís Financial Strategy.

Other Considerations

15.† In making this recommendation, officers have given careful consideration to the purpose of local government in section 10 of the Local Government Act 2002. Officers believe that this recommendation falls within the purpose of local government in that it looks to implement works arising from a review of current and future needs of the community.






Implementation Plan Valley Floor Reserves 10Nov2016







Author: Bruce Hodgins

Divisional Manager, Parks and Gardens







Approved By: Bruce Sherlock

General Manager, City Infrastructure