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Report on Work Plan HVCoC 2016-2017 - as 31 Dec. 2016


Work Plan (based on HCC Economic Development Plan 2015-2020)

For period 1 July 2016 – 30 June 2017


Council’ economic vision for Lower Hutt is to “Grow the wealth of the City”.  We are working to deliver this vision by driving growth and development in the city, providing the infrastructure to enable the city to grow and develop, and creating world class facilities.  The Economic Development Plan EDP sits within the framework of the Urban Growth Strategy 2012-2032 and focuses on the opportunities the city has to grow economically through growing our strength as a city for innovative high-tech industries, creating thriving commercial centres and supporting businesses and organisations that already operate here, and attracting new businesses.

The Economic development Plan includes a range of measures and targets.  The key measures by which to gauge the success of the actions in the EDP the success of the actions in the EDP are:

·    Employment in the medium/high tech sector

·    Participation by school leavers in Science – Levels 1,2 &3

·    Number of people employed in Lower Hutt

·    Number of residents living in the CBD

·    Number of new residential developments per annum

·    GDP per capita

·    Percentage of population that is unemployed

Strong partnerships are needed to deliver economic growth in the city.  Council has established a strong working partnership with the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce (“the Chamber”).  This work programme outlines the focus that Council has agreed with the Chamber for the period 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017.


Area of Focus 1 – Grow Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing Businesses





HVCC Commentary

Provide improved infrastructure and amenity for science, technology, engineering and manufacturing businesses to establish and grow in Lower Hutt.

Assist Council with the promotion and managing of the annual Technology Valley Awards or similar programme.


Assist Council to grow the annual Hutt STEMM Festival promoting science, technology, engineering, manufacturing and maths to eventually become a national event.


Advocate with Government Ministers, MP’s and agencies on development of the Gracefield Innovation Precinct occupied by Callaghan Innovation and Victoria University.


Promote the establishment of other citywide technology requirements e.g. UFB; Wi-Fi Sense.


Participate in a feasibility study for establishment of a makerspace/Techshop type facility/activity to support local businesses and advocate for its establishment in Lower Hutt.

2015 onwards




2015 onwards





2016 onwards





2016 onwards



Start 2016

Success of Event




Meet growth target for event as determined between HCC and HVCoC



Future development of the Callaghan Innovation precinct



Further technology trials in Lower Hutt


Makerspace/improved access to technology hardware in Lower Hutt

The Chamber team have worked with HCC Officers providing support, marketing and advertising to help make this event an ongoing success. 2016 was hosted in Seaview’s old Ford factory and was just brilliant and very well received by all in attendance.

The annual STEMM festival is going from strength to strength each year, the Chamber team work as enablers alongside Business and HCC creating the fantastic uptake and participation.

The Chamber is advocating at any opportunity and interaction with central Government and continues to push for greater enhancement and upgrades to make the Callaghan precinct a more attractive asset to the City.

The Chamber works actively with key stakeholders to enable and establish greater uptake and participation of Tech requirements especially in the UFB and Wifi space.

The Chamber is a keen participant in the advocacy of makerspace and techshop facilities and is engaged in the feasibility studies of this opportunity with both Business and Council.