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SWG Report to Council - Year to 30 June 2016



Seaview Working Group 12 Month Report 

to 30th June  2016




Objective 1: Develop Database of businesses in Seaview/Gracefield

·    Develop Database

·    Networking Events

·    Monthly Newsletter

·    Christmas Flyer


Objective 2: Lift the Profile of the Seaview/Gracefield area

·    STEMM festival

·    Other events

·    Develop website to profile the area and attract businesses

·    SWG in the media


Objective 3:  Maintain and Strengthen Governance/Operational capability

·    Maintain a core group of businesses on Governance team

·    Coordinators role

·    Broadening representation in the membership base and growing the Governance Group

·    Make submissions to Council on matters affecting the Seaview/Gracefield business community

·    Issues working on for the Business Community




Objective 1: Develop Database of Businesses in Seaview/Gracefield



Current Initiatives and Progress

Develop Database




30 June 2015

The database work continues to be constant and currently we have 359 businesses on the database. As there is no Spotlight on Seaview event this November there will be a push to check the accuracy of the data.


30 June 2016

Database work continues with more businesses making contact with the Group when they move into the area and updating us when changes occur.

Currently there are 370 businesses on the database.




Networking Events – minimum of 6 networking events

30 June 2015


February – Security event discussing the proposal of a night guard in Seaview.  Attended by 22 people.


March – Masterpet BA5 in conjunction with the Hutt Chamber of Commerce.  Attended by 119 overall.


April - STAFF ENGAGEMENT – Dale Carnegie Workshop.  There were nine people booked in but only two attended due to a number of business issues.


We have also held our AGM in July with Callaghan Innovation providing a speaker and E Tu Trust speaking on their progress.  In August we will be holding a winter business drinks with Gary Craig from Hutt City Council giving an update on the Council’s projects and plans.


The joint BA5 with the Hutt Chamber of Commerce helps to raise the profile of SWG and the group will look to hold an annual BA5 with Callaghan Innovation as well.

Attendance numbers continue to be low and to date we haven’t found a solution to this issue.  Involving outside businesses in the BA5’s does seem to increase the interest.


30 June 2016


July – AGM with Callaghan as guest speaker – attended by 12 people


August – Gary Craig update on HCC work – attended by 14 people


November – Callaghan Innovation Tour – attended by 8 people


November – Waiwhetu Stream Sculpture Trail opening – attended by 34 people


February – Macaulay Metals BBQ attended by 7 people


March – NZ Post joint BA5 with Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce attended by 57 people


March – Port Road Street meeting – attended by 14 people


May – Fraser Engineering – attended by 13 people


Attendance numbers continue to be low but we will continue to work on this issue.  Businesses had requested that we host some visits outside of Seaview which we have done.  Businesses also feedback that they would like more visit on businesses sites so we have moved more to that direction.  We will continue to ask for feedback to provide events that people will value.  We hosted a Port Road street meeting to encourage businesses to meet each other and to discuss issues that are relevant to their street.  A number of issues were raised at the Port Road meeting which have been addressed since the meeting.   This format worked very well and we will continue to work on hosting street meetings.



Monthly Newsletters

30 June 2015

Newsletters continue to go out with a subscriber list of 285 and the average open rate is 34.97%.  There has been a combination of twelve newsletters and security information sharing reports going out over the last year.  The open rate for the security information being higher than for the newsletters at 36.9% and 33.29% respectively.


30 June 2016

Newsletters continue to go out with a subscriber list of 332 and the average open rate is 35.9%.  There has been a combination of nine newsletter and security information sharing reports going out over the last year. The security reports are coming through less frequently as the Police staff have less time to generate the reports which is disappointing as they were appreciated by the business community.  Over the last year things that are very important for businesses to read have been sent out separately from the newsletter in the hope that more would read these. This has resulted in a couple less newsletters over the year.

Christmas Flyer

30 June 2015

As there is no Spotlight on Seaview in November 2015 SWG will look to gauge interest in producing a Christmas Flyer. 


30 June 2016

The Christmas Flyer was produced in November and sent out electronically. The businesses that advertised had limited response to the specials they offered.  The committee wondered if this was due to the flyer needing to become better known in the area. Also perhaps the flyer would be better printed on paper and delivered, it may get more exposure to staff this way.  The committee were open to trying some other options for 2016.


Longer Term Priorities



Over the next 12 months the group will make a push to increase the numbers attending the networking events and continue to hold street meetings. 



Objective 2: Lift the Profile of the Seaview/Gracefield area


Current Initiatives and Progress


STEMM festival event



30 June 2015

The group decided that the Spotlight on Seaview event had served its purpose and that we should look to hold a different event.

So in early June SWG participated in the STEMM festival with sixteen business opening for student’s tours and seven schools participating.  The feedback from the students and teachers was very positive and we now have a better idea of what we need to do next time to improve the tours.  The majority of the businesses found the tours very positive and have said they will participate again next year.  Some the businesses felt it gave their staff an opportunity to give back and extend themselves in planning a presentation and tour for the students.

The schools have also showed that they are very keen to foster closer relations with the businesses in Seaview with interest in the possibilities of work experience.  We believe this has been a positive step forward in bridging the gap between students and businesses.


30 June 2016

SWG participated in the STEMM festival again this year.  There were 14 businesses hosting tours with 69 students attending.  The feedback is always positive from the teachers and the students that it is worthwhile hosting these tours.  The idea behind he tours is to give the students a chance to see what the work place environment is like and to hear from staff what they did to end up in the roles they are doing.  The first year we mixed the tours up but this time we made tours of similar industry types and gave students the chance to select what tours they were interested in attending. This worked well however SWG would like these tours to be more informative for the students and are thinking along the lines of a short video made on some the businesses that students can watch beforehand.  There are also issues around not all people being good at presenting what they do to students and there needs to be more guidance for the presenters. 

The group believes this is an event that SWG should remain involved in and continue to improve on the delivery.






Other events involved in

30 June 2015

SWG put on a Recycled bus tour for the Small Town Conference hosted by the Jackson Street Programme in April.  Those that attended the tour gave very positive feedback however the numbers were lower than we were expecting at four.  The businesses that provided tours were Metal Art, Flight Plastics and Waste Management with a display and presentation from Denise Anglesey on ECO fashion over morning tea.


30 June 2016

There have been no extra events that SWG has been involved in over the last twelve months.



Develop website to profile the area and attract businesses


30 June 2015

The article page on the website has been changed to a blog style and is archived by year.  Currently the group are working on a business blog page for the website so that we can keep it as current as possible and give more exposure to businesses.  This would also allow businesses to advertise promotions as well.

The co-ordinator has been loading up the businesses onto the website and once this is complete we will let the businesses know.

Website traffic is as follows:

January – 616 sessions

February – 545 sessions

March – 285 sessions

April – 174 sessions                                

May – 565 sessions

June – 600 sessions

The average session time is 60 secs and 93.1% of visitors are new users.


30 June 2016

A blog page has been set up on the website with regular postings being made about businesses in the area.  The group are working on encouraging businesses to let SWG know when they have posts to add. Otherwise the co-ordinator finds businesses activities via, newsletters, newspaper, Facebook.

A listing of the Bayley’s properties for lease and sale is being worked on currently with Bayley’s paying for this advertising.  The Group would like to see this the website as being a site that provides all you need to know about the area.

Work continues to load businesses onto the site and keep update to date with businesses changes.

Website traffic is as follows:

July – 891 sessions

August -205 sessions

September – 121 sessions

October – 69 sessions

November – 464 sessions

December – 213 sessions

January – 167 sessions

February – 4 sessions

March – 15 sessions

April – 53 sessions

May – 73 sessions

June – 30 sessions

94.9% of users are new and average session duration is 14 secs.

The drop off in session numbers could be due to a couple of things one a change in the articles in the newsletter not being linked to the website.  The Group will look to address that and perhaps some advertising of the website needs to be done. Also the networking events had an outlook appointment that was linked to the website which we haven’t been doing.

The group needs to review the key words on the site to make sure the site is coming up in searches and also to make sure that content is updated every week.




SWG in the media


30 June 2015

Articles about businesses are still be loaded onto the Seaview Business website and there has been a story about the Lightwing project and a comment from the Co-ordinator in the Eastbourne Herald.


30 June 2016

Articles about businesses and issues relevant to the area are loaded onto the Seaview Business Community website and there was a story in the Hutt News about the submission that SWG made to the Council on the weighted vehicle by-law.

It was disappointing to note the Hutt City Council did not include the Seaview Students tours for STEMM in their press release about the event.


Longer Term Priorities

 The Lightwing sculpture when it is installed will be an opportunity for SWG to be in the media perhaps late 2016 or early 2017. 



Objective 3: Maintain and Strengthen Governance/Operational capability



Current Initiatives and Progress


Maintain a core group of businesses on Governance team




30 June 2015

Angus Kincaid was elected as Chairperson for another year as was Carl Longstaff as Treasurer. The core committee currently consists of Brett Gilles - GNS, Tom Hudig- JJL, Byron Cummins-Howard Material Handling, Mike Henderson- Efficient, Ian Smith –Waste Management, Bruce Whiley – Titan Cranes, Gordon Barr – Dulux.  This continues to be a stable group with other businesses attended meetings as when is possible.


30 June 2016

Angus Kincaid was elected Chairperson for another year in the August AGM and Carl Longstaff has stood down as Treasurer and Bruce Whiley from Titan Cranes has been elected as the new Treasurer. The core committee currently consists of Brett Gillies – GNS, Tom Hudig – JJL, Mike Henderson – Efficient, Ian Smith – Waste Management, Des Fell – Waste Management, Carl Longstaff – Metal Art, Alex Lloyd - Callaghan Innovation, Steve Rickman – Dulux, Scott Muir- eNZOil, Conal McKenna – Boost. The core of the group is the same with several new businesses joining the group.




Coordinators role

30 June 2015

Claire Allan is still employed by SWG in the role of Co-ordinator working an average of 10 hours per week. 


30 June 2016

Claire Allan is still employed by SWG in the role of Co-ordinator working an average of 10 hours per week.


Broadening representation in the membership base and growing the Governance Group

30 June 2015

The average number of members attending the committee meetings over the last six months is 6.  This is down from the last half which was eight.

February – 7 members

March – 6 members

April – 7 members

May – 7 members

June – 4 members


30 June 2016

The average number of members attending the committee meetings over the year is 6. This is similar to last year.

July AGM – 8 members

August – 9 members

September – 7 members

October – 6 members

November – 3 members

February – 4 members

March – had to be cancelled at the last minute

April – 7 members

May – 8 members

June – 6 members

In the June meeting a motion was passed to change the name of the Seaview Working Group to Seaview Business Association.  The name change will be formalised later in August. The group believe this name change may allow people to feel more connected with what the group’s aims are.


Make submissions to Council on matters affecting the Seaview/Gracefield business community


30 June 2015

SWG made a submission to the GWRC and HCC on their long term plans requesting they consider the need to look at the sea wall along Port Road and the rate that erosion is happening work in this area needs to be made a priority.  After presenting at both hearings the HCC have agreed to move the allocated money for this job into the next financial year where a temporary sea wall will be put in place and the GWRC will match the design of this along the section that they are responsible for. A more long term plan for this edge will have to wait until the flood protection work for the Lower Hutt Central city has been finished.


30 June 2016

With regards to the last year’s submission on the Port Road erosion, design work is in progress and work on construction is meant to start by the end of 2016.  The work was meant to be finished by now but there have been some hold ups with GWRC declining to do the work they had agreed to do but then coming back on board again.

In 2016 SWG made a submission to HCC on the issue of the boy racer visits into the area.  The group requested that the council consider a weighted vehicle by-law and a liquor ban to assist Police with moving on the boy –racers.  Currently the liquor ban is under public consultation and the local businesses continue to record visits into the area and the problems they cause.  With regards to the weighted vehicle by-law the HCC road team’s legal advice is that such a by-law is against the Bill of Rights.  The Police don’t agree with this stand and are working on a report around this at the moment.  There are several cities around the country that use this weighted vehicle by-law at the moment and to date it hasn’t been contested.


Issues working on for the Business Community

30 June 2015

The project for a night Security guard in Seaview has resulted in a relationship with Total Harbour City Guards that saw a guard working at night in the area from early March.  The number of businesses joining this initiative continues to grow and currently the guard is leaving Seaview for forty minutes a night to cover another job. This means a much shorter response time for break ins in Seaview and keeping an eye for suspicious activity. The group are excited that so far this initiative is working.  To date it has been hard to track if there has been a reduction in crime in the area as the

Security information sharing emails that were being sent out by the Local community Constable had to stop for a while until the policy was reviewed. These security emails are due to start back up. To date we still need to work on the signage for this initiative.

The emergency response communication will be put back on the agenda for late 2015 and the Lightwing project has had a setback due to a lack of funds with the changes to the budget. Further discussions about this project will be had with the businesses in Seaview to gain further support and hopefully get this built in 2016.

The E Tu Trust are also working on a sculpture trail along the Waiwhetu Stream and SWG would like to support this and have proposed a mural on a back wall of the HJ Asmuss building that can be seen from Seaview Road.  Work to get this off the ground will continue.

30 June 2016

The night guard is still operating in Seaview although total harbour City Guards has been sold to Allied Security.  Allied have been changing some of the businesses procedures and re branding and have indicated some changes to pricing which may put businesses off being part of this.  We have spoken with Rosebank Business Association in Auckland about their pricing structure and hope that Allied Security may be able to do something similar.

Emergency response communication – In September 2015 the group sent out a reminder about emergency response planning.  A map of the area and where high ground is was sent out so staff can plan evacuation routes.  A couple of businesses along Gracefield Road have access up the hill side and these routes where pointed out to the businesses. This coincided with the Shake Out Day which the group also advertised to the businesses and encouraged participation.

Lightwing Sculpture had some hold ups due to the upgrade of the sewerage pipes under the roundabout. However after working with Wellington Water and Hutt City Council the issues have been resolved and progress on this can start again. One fin of the sculpture has been made as a test. It is hopeful that the sculpture could be finished by the end of 2016.

The E Tu Trust are working on the third piece of sculpture for the Waiwhetu sculpture trial.  The mural idea for the Asmuss building hasn’t progressed at this stage.

The trial of a rubbish bin by the table on the Waiwhetu Stream edge had no issues so the group requested that the HCC install another rubbish along Port Road.  This was done between two picnic tables across the road from the Port Road canteen.  Businesses have noted less issues with rubbish in this area after the bin was installed.

Bus stops – discussions were had with Greater Wellington Regional Council about bus stop usage numbers in the area. The group highlighted the Gracefield Road stop near Hutt Park Road corner as one that businesses felt had a high usage rate and staff would welcome a shelter. It was agreed by GWRC that this stop number 8700 would be added to the list and should be installed in October 2016.  Unfortunately there was a change of staff at GWRC and this stop was not added to the list.  This has been rectified and has since been added to the list for the next financial year to receive a shelter.  With the change of staff the issue of the Seaview Road bus stop over the entrance to Seaview Blasting has stalled again.  It has been brought back to GWRC attention and we hope progress while start again.  In December 2015 GWRC had said that they were contacting the businesses on the street to discuss moving the bus stop to the other side of the road.  This issue has been outstanding since April 2013.

Progress has been made with regards to street cameras with a trial of some street cameras been done and the committee planning to work with Hutt Park Road to install street cameras to start with by the end of 2016.  These cameras will be monitored 24 hours a day by a security company.  It is planned that these cameras will be jointly funded by the businesses and the Seaview Working Group.

A survey of the members was carried out late in 2015 with recommendations coming from the businesses that they would like more businesses to hold networking events to have more information about new businesses coming into the area and showed concern about the Boy racer visits.

Street car parking was also flagged by some businesses as being an issue.  The co-ordinator worked with HCC road engineers to install car park markings for both sides of Port Road outside the Port Road canteen and also in parts of Hutt Park Road.  This has allowed for more cars being able to park in these areas due to better spacing.


Longer Term Priorities

Improved signage along the cycleway on Port Road is something that the group would like to see budgeted for still.  Discussion were had with a number of people in Council about this but no progress has been made at this stage.

To see street cameras throughout Seaview/Gracefield area.