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City Development Committee

08 February 2017




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Report no: CDC2017/1/65


General Managers' Report


Purpose of Report

1.    The purpose of this report is to provide the Committee with updates on a number of projects that it has previously identified.  This will be done on a regular basis.


It is recommended that the Committee notes the updates contained in the report.



2.    At the beginning of the 2013-2016 triennium, the Chair of City Development asked for a General Managers’ report to be provided at each meeting.  This would mainly be for update purposes but from time to time could include items for decision making.     


3.    An update of a number of projects is provided below.  The items to be included were discussed by the City Development Committee and may change from time to time.

City Wide and CBD Remissions Policy and Funding.

4.    A City Wide and a CBD Remissions policy have been in operation since 1 July 2012. 

5.    As of this financial year to date – 1 July 2016 to 31 Jan 2017  20 new applications have been received and funding provided as follows:

CBD Remissions




A new apartment development of at least 8 attached residential dwelling units OR of at least 500m2 in floor area




A new commercial development or new building extension of at least 500m2 floor area




A new development with a mix of apartments and commercial space of at least 500m2 in floor area




Total CBD





City Wide Remissions – anywhere in the City including the CBD




A medium or high density residential development




New non-residential building or building extension of at least 500m2




A conversion of a building from any use to residential apartments




Total City Wide




Total All Policies





Fee type remitted 1 July  2016 – 31 Jan 2017




Development contributions


Reserve contributions


Resource consent fees


Building consent fees





Total Fees Remitted Annually

From 1 July  – 30 June










FY2016-2017  (7 months)



6.    The figures in the above table reflect the amount of applications for remissions received and not the total number of developments being built.

Riddiford Gardens

7.    Physical works commenced in November 2015 on Phase 2 of the Riddiford Gardens Landscape Upgrade project, starting with development of the north and west sides of the Administration Building.

8.    The work on the front of the Administration Building and the electrical sub-station was largely completed within a very tight deadline to enable the building to open to customers on 22 March 2016.

9.    All of the remaining work for Phase 2 has now been completed apart from some final paneling to the front of the new toilet pavilion, which is expected to be completed this month.

10.  Concept design options for Phase 3 work were prepared and considered by Council in confirming the 2016/17 budget.  A meeting with key stakeholders was held on 12 July 2016 to consider the concept design before the detailed design commenced.  Phase 3 design has been mostly completed and is currently being costed.

11.  SLT has agreed that the Phase 3 works will be negotiated with Naylor Love, the incumbent contractor, to ensure continuity and coordination with the Events Centre work.  As works are not expected to commence on Phase 3 until April, a carryover has been forecasted in the latest financial report.  

Administration Building and Halls

12.  The status of these projects is as follows:

       Laings Road Administration Building:


13.  The Council Administration Building project is drawing to a close.  The team is working to complete the final tasks of correcting the remaining defects, handing over operational manuals and providing instructions within the next few months.

Town Hall and Events Centre

14.  Since the last report, there has been a large amount of demolition progress in the Town Hall.  More significantly, 1,300 tonnes of concrete has been poured, the buttresses supporting the Town Hall and the Atrium/Foyer have been installed and construction of the Atrium/Foyer has commenced.

15.  The construction programme is being continuously reviewed, and is still subject to:

a.   The Value Engineering process;

b.   Consenting process;

c.   Final trade tender packages approved and released as required;

d.   Unforeseen delays to materials or work on site.


16.  The current programme shows construction completion in January 2018, and a handover to the Manager in March after a commissioning period.

17.  Detailed design of the operational fit-out of the Events Centre will advance with a higher degree of priority now.  We have a contractual obligation to USAR to provide a turn-key facility that will match their Hotel’s four star standard.  The focus is to work on designing the required standard of operational capability within the agreed budget.  Officers are working with the consultant team and the operator on this.

Avalon Park

18.  The development of the playground area was completed in late September 2016 with the official opening held on Sunday 2nd October 2016.  Since then the playground has been extremely popular with large numbers of visitors over the summer months.

19.  Further funding of $2M to complete the next stage of works (pond and southern entrance) has been confirmed in the 2016/17 Annual Plan. Developed design of the next stage is almost completed and has been estimated. The work is to be tendered later in February, through a two stage open tender process.  As works are not expected to commence on the next stage until April, a carryover has been forecasted in the latest financial report.

CBD Promenade - Riverlink

20. Activity on this project is as follows:

·    Riverlink the GWRC, NZTA, and HCC joint project will reach 90% Design Development during mid March 2017. This will include cost estimates.

·    Consents and land designation processes will run 2017-2019.

·    Construction of flood protection construction is programmed 2019 – 2025.

·    Businesses: Officers are working with affected business owners in Melling and Pharazyn Street areas.

·    Economic analysis by HCC officers is favourable for investment in the promenade. It is predicted that capital investment by HCC would pay itself back within 25 years.

·    Property Developers: discussions are being facilitated through the Mayor with developers on Daly Street. A developer is considering a resource consent application for 10 Daly Street.

·    Future land use activities are being considered in the areas of Marsden and Pharazyn Streets. Low level residential, train transport, park and ride, and aligned activities such as day-care are being considered.

·    Communications: HCC’s January 2017 survey gained 605 responses which showed very strong support for the Promenade, CBD apartment living, improving public transport, and improving walking and cycling.

·    NZTA: is seeking and now facilitating a Hutt ‘story’ to understand the city’s future plans for growth and land use. Kaikoura has resulted in increased competition for transport funding. NZTA now needs to more thoroughly analyse all discretionary projects such as Melling in order to make funding decisions.

·    Funding: The Community Plan Committee during February 2017 will consider the allocation of up to $39M Hutt City Council funding for this project.

·    HCC officer reporting: will continue to SLT and the CBD Task Force.


Community Services Group and Community Facilities Trust (CFT) Projects


21.  The status of these projects is as follows:

Fraser Park Sportsville Stage 2 – Multipurpose Sports Building


22.  The CFT has now raised a total of $1.64m of its $3.2m target to complete Stage 2.  Because of this success the CFT has awarded a conditional contract for the construction of the project to Armstrong Downes of Lower Hutt. The contract is conditional upon the CFT raising the balance.  Armstrong Downes is now working with the CFT design team to drive further cost out of the project. The CFT is also continuing with a fundraising campaign to raise the balance.  The CFT is likely to present to Council in May 2017.

Fraser Park Turfs

23.  The turfs are performing as expected and Fraser Park Sportsville is doing an excellent job promoting their use to the sporting community. Occupancy on both turfs is running at over 90% and considerably in advance of other turfs in the city.

Walter Mildenhall Park Redevelopment

24.  The main clubrooms, the external greens, the tennis and petanque courts, landscaping, fencing and lighting are now complete and ready for fit out by the clubs.  The built space is attractive, sunny and generously proportioned and represents a huge step up on the amenities of both the legacy club facilities.

25.  The Naenae Bowling club is now project managing the movement of the combined bowls clubs, petanque club and the RSA into the new facility. The actual date by when the clubs will move is dependent upon just when the club is able to secure a new liquor licence for the site.

26.  Progress on the adjacent covered internal green has been slower than expected because of the 7.8 earthquake, the highly changeable weather over the summer, and 8 roof beams being built out of agreed construction tolerances. The out of tolerance beams have to be corrected and this can only be done by removing the beams from the site and returning them to the engineering subcontractor in Whanganui to be re-machined.  The exact time programme for this complex work is at this point uncertain because it will delay work by Structureflex (the company who will install the fabric roof) and Superturf. (The company who will install the artificial turf under the completed roof).

27.  Hawkins Construction regret the delay and will meet all costs involved in putting right the construction fault. Fortunately the design of the facility will allow club members to use the new club room and community facilities including the external greens and tennis courts, while construction work continues on the adjacent undercover bowling green.

28.  Lastly, work on the driveway in from Vogel Street and the associated parking courtyard cannot be completed until the indoor green is completed and this cannot be done until the fabric roof is in place. Access to the site and the car parks will however be available from Treadwell Street.



Huia Pool Development

29.  The project continues to progress and the building is starting to take shape. Set out below are some of the major milestones that have been completed since the last update:

·    All structure steel for the pool halls and gym areas  has been completed

·    The first floor was poured

·    The pool walls, pipes and filter have been installed

·    The LTS swim pool roof has been completed

·    All the services pipes – gas, power and water – have been laid underground

·    Blockwork for the changing room walls and lift shaft has commenced

·    Framing and enclosing of the first floor  


30.  The project is currently on track for completion in July 2017 and the budget is currently tracking with a $180k positive forecast variance.

Stokes Valley Community Hub

31. Contractors started on site in October. Asbestos removal and demolition took place in 2016. The site works are being undertaken from early 2017 with foundations expected to begin in February. Between now and May 2017 all structural work will be completed.

32. Unfortunately the additional work required for asbestos removal as well as unexpected soft ground, has meant the majority of the project contingency has been committed.   Fortunately given the nature of the contract, the remaining work is essentially a fixed price, reducing the overall budget risk.

33. The temporary library is operational at the Stokes Valley Masonic Lodge. This will be in operation until the new hub is opened which is expected Spring 2017.

34. A series of community activities have been developed and delivered by the Libraries, Leisure Active and Community Relationships and Partnerships teams. Approximately 12 programmes and events will have taken place by the time the hub opens. In addition, several arts projects are in progress which will result in permanent installations at the new hub. These have been designed to reflect local culture and history.

35. Overall the project is tracking on time and on budget at this stage. 

Healthy Families Lower Hutt

36. Smoke-free Lower HuttSmoke-free signage, branding and messaging has been signed off and provided to GWRC, Parks and Gardens team, Facility Managers and cafés/restaurants with outdoor pavement dining.

37. GWRC have produced and installed metal smoke-free signs in Lower Hutt train stations, and smoke-free stickers have been installed at priority bus shelters.

38. All Council run events are now smoke-free and will be promoted as smoke-free going forward with flags developed to support this message.

39. The team were present at Te Ra o te Raukura festival to raise awareness of the smoke-free outdoor public places policy.

40. Next phase of the policy is to explore smoke-free town precincts, beginning with engagement with the Wainuiomata community.

41. HVDHB has been provided with branding and messaging to develop similar signage for Hutt Hospital grounds.

42. Water:  Working with Events Manager to enable all Council led events to be pro water and ensuring access to public drinking water at events is easily accessible.

43. Working with Council colleagues to increase access to public drinking water through installation of water fountains in Lower Hutt suburbs including Stokes Valley, Taita, Naenae and Wainuiomata.

44. Alcohol BylawHealthy Families Lower Hutt Leadership Group submitted on the Control of Alcohol in Public Places Bylaw.


Science & Technology Funding and Activity

45.  Council allocated $160,000 in the 2016/2017 budget for projects related to Technology Valley.  Projects include:

·    A dedicated staff resource to focus on development of the STEMM business sector in the city. 

·    Mayoral Scholarships for the Open Polytechnic Graduate Certificate in Primary Science Teaching (ongoing programme).

·    Scholarships for Lower Hutt resident students to study at Weltec’s School of Engineering.  These are matched by industry in the city (ongoing programme).

·    The Hutt Science Centre.  38 primary schools in the city are enrolled in the Hutt Science Centre programme and the resource centre has been expanded at Naenae Primary School.  A professional development programme has commenced for primary and secondary school teachers.  Following 2 successful rounds a further round of funding has been applied for from MBIE to run a science programme in schools in the North East in 2017. 


46.  Manufacturing Accelerator

Creative HQ, is through a 12 month pilot programme called 1st Assembly at 125 High Street. 1st Assembly is running an active programme of startup meet-ups, manufacturing meet-ups and hardware themed workshops.  1st Assembly runs monthly "Hardware sessions" that link into Creative HQ's 1400-member "Startup Garage" meet-up group. Both Creative HQ and HCC are planning to continue 1St Assembly as a mechanism to support STEM businesses in Hutt Valley.

The space at 125 High Street now accommodates six ventures Conduce, Makegood, Fre3Formd, Quamcom, Yali, Simutech and temporarily housing NEC. Awareness has grown significantly as a result of the strong links that Lightning Lab Manufacturing formed with other stakeholders, such as the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, Technology Valley Group, and Callaghan Innovation.

On 15th October  1st Assembly hosted an Open Day featuring hardware workshops and demos, opportunities to meet business start-ups and as well as activities for kids. Over 2,000 people visited the space throughout the day.

47.  Maker - Space (Techshop) Feasibility - TechShop makerspace market assessment

Initial meetings with proposed key stakeholders have been held and all parties have a level of interest to use a makerspace.  The market assessment report is nearing completion, with detailed information being sourced from Hutt City Council to feed into the financial models.

Having access to “real” numbers will enable to council officers to run a facilitated session with proposed key stakeholders to start work on individual business cases to find specific levels of support for the project.

Feedback to date indicates the rapid implementation of a TechShop makerspace may not suite the interested parties, due to other priorities, such as large scale building projects underway for VUW and WelTec.


Urban Growth Strategy Implementation

48.  The Urban Growth Strategy 2032 was adopted in 2014.

49.  Implementation projects being worked on include:

·      Wainuiomata - extension of Wise Street – This work has been undertaken enabling the start of a consented 31 lot private subdivision on one of the landholdings along the extension. Other landholdings along this extension are also being considered for future residential development.

·      Upper Kelson – extension of Major Drive – the area of potential development is significantly reduced following the ecological impact report. A revised scheme is being considered.

Council and Urban Plus have undertaken discussions with the owner of the land consented for a residential development of approx. 140 dwellings off Kaitangata Crescent, Kelson with intent of activating this consent. The consent is live until 2019.   

·      Stokes Valley – extension of Shaftsbury Grove – Urban Plus received an unsolicited offer for the Shaftesbury Grove site.  Given the acceptable price being paid and that Urban Plus could no longer achieve the initial yield of sections anticipated due to ecological factors the sale to an experienced developer made sense.  The agreement is still dependent on Urban Plus achieving a number of conditions.  

·      The Wainuiomata Development Plan has been finalised and presented to Council.  An update is being provided by separate report to the City Development Committee.

·      District Plan Work Programme - work continues on the residential intensification changes required for the UGS.

·      It is intended to continue the Development Incentives and Rates remission schemes beyond their 30 June 2017 expiry.  A separate paper is being brought to this Committee in that regard.


50.  Current CBD Development activity includes:

·    Hotel development – new resource consent applied for January 2017

·    2 Connelly Street Medical Centre – Underway

·    Post Office Building – Completed

·    Gibson Sheat Building – construction of carpark building underway

·    Hutt Baptist Church – new façade and roof replacement work completed.

·    Centre City Plaza – earthquake strengthening completed – earthquake damage to commercial offices under repair.

·    531 High Street – lease to Kiwibank


51.  Retail activity in the CBD has been significantly impacted due to building damage and cordons resulting from the November 2016 earthquake. Marketview data shows 12.8% decline in spend in the quarter to 31 Dec 2016 compared with the same period last year.

52.  The Queensgate Shopping Centre remains at reduced capacity while the demolition of the Event Cinemas and associated carparks building.  Cordoned areas of the Centre are scheduled for reopening April 2017.

CBD Free Car Parking Trial

53.  The Council resolved in December 2016 after a one year trial to end free parking in the HC2 Shopper Parking Zone in the CBD from 3 April 2017.  Long term parking charges reverted to pre-trial levels as at 16 January 2017.  

54.  Council has asked officers to investigate a full city-wide review on the future parking demands the city will face and with results expected to be presented back to Council later this year for consideration.

CBD Bus stops

55.  2016 work commissioned by HCC and GWRC could not find evidence of significant road safety problems. However Colmar Brunton survey work showed that public transport is a major contributor to the economic activity in the CBD. Work on this project has been put on hold indefinitely.

Suburban Shopping Centres

56.  Naenae Shopping Centre Upgrade 2015-2016 was completed during 2016.

57.  Waterloo Shopping Centre (Trafalgar Square) 2015-2016 was completed during mid 2016. A further upgrade will be done to the western side (Birch Street) during early to mid 2017.

Petone 2040.

58. Stage Two work is almost complete and a Council Briefing was given on 7 Feb 2017. Fifteen high level projects have been identified but require further analysis and development eg. Jackson Street, Heritage, Strategic Infrastructure Projects, and new Housing Areas.

59. The Community Plan Committee will consider additional funding in Feb 2017.


60.  There are no options.  Information is for noting only.


61.  No consultation was required for this report.  Consultation relevant for the specific projects outlined above have been undertaken as required

Legal Considerations

62.  There are no legal considerations.

Financial Considerations

63.  There are no financial considerations. All funding discussed in this paper has been approved at previous meetings or were reported as budget implications to Council on 16 February.

Other Considerations

64.  In making this recommendation, officers have given careful consideration to the purpose of local government in section 10 of the Local Government Act 2002.  Officers believe that this recommendation falls within the purpose of the local government in that it is mostly a noting paper on current activity.  It does this in a way that is cost-effective because it provides timely information to Council.

Summary Table

The table below provides an overall summary of the timing and status of each of the projects mentioned in this report.


To be completed by 30 June 2017


completion date


Events Centre

Significant progress in the structural construction of the Event Centre.  Significant progress in the reinstatement of the Town Hall.  Operational fit-out agreed.

Early 2018



Riddiford Gardens

Phase 2 works are now completed, apart from minor exterior works to toilet pavilion.

Phase 3 works design and estimates almost complete.

March 2018

Phase 2 works completed.

Design of phase 3 works almost complete with work to commence in April.

Avalon Park

Hawkins has completed work on playground space. Design and estimates for next stage almost completed and ready for tendering.

June 2017

Playground stage completed.

Design of next stage nearing completion. Works planned to start in April.

CBD Promenade - Design

Design and Costing stage

June 2017

On track

Regional Bowls Centre

Design complete.

Fundraising 95%  achieved

Target: Mid 2017


Huia Pool Development

Construction 50% complete

July 2017

On track

SV Community Hub

Construction underway

September 2017

On track



Fraser Park Sportsville Stage 2

Detailed design 95% complete

2016/17 (funding dependent)


UGS – Wainuiomata Wise St

Draft design and cost estimates completed.  Discussions with residents commenced



UGS – Upper Kelson

Revised design and cost estimates completed. District Plan team to progress Plan Change

June 2020

On track

UGS – Stokes Valley

Draft design and cost estimates to be completed.

District Plan team to progress Plan Change


Possible private sector development

UGS – Wainuiomata Development Plan

Plan being finalised


Completed.  Coordinator appointed April 2016.



There are no appendices for this report.    






Author: Kim Kelly

General Manager, Strategic Services







Approved By: Tony Stallinger

Chief Executive