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City Development Committee

18 October 2016




File: (16/1209)





Report no: CDC2017/1/60


Terms of Reference for the Review of Making Places


Purpose of Report

1.†††††††† The purpose of this report is to ask the Committee to approve the Terms of Reference for a review of Making Places.


That the Committee recommends that Council approves the Terms of Reference for a review of Making Places.



2.†††††††† Making Places was officially adopted by Council in 2009 following on from the Vision CBD 2030 Project. Making Places took ideas for the future of Hutt Cityís CBD from that visioning work and developed these into an overall design framework to unlock the CBDís potential. This is a long term design framework which aims to create a CBD that is vibrant, economically resilient, artistically and culturally rich and people friendly.


3.†††††††† Council has identified the CBD as having a key role to play in the rejuvenation of Hutt City. Council is currently working in partnership with NZTA and GWRC to develop and implement the RiverLink project which includes a Promenade for the CBD

4.†††††††† Since Making Places was officially adopted in 2009, a number of projects have either been completed or decided against.† These projects need to be reviewed and if necessary removed from the existing document to ensure that:

a.†† Council has a further opportunity to consider the direction for Making Places; and

b.†† People are able to access an up to date document as well as information about the completed projects.


5.†††††††† Council can either agree to review Making Places and approve the Terms of Reference or not.


6.†††††††† Consultation is not required at this stage.

Legal Considerations

7.†††††††† There are no legal considerations.

Financial Considerations

8.†††††††† There are no financial considerations.

Other Considerations

9.†††††††† In making this recommendation, officers have given careful consideration to the purpose of local government in section 10 of the Local Government Act 2002. Officers believe that this recommendation falls within the purpose of the local government in that it enables Council to consider the direction and content of Making Places a key document focused on the rejuvenation of the city. It does this in a way that is cost-effective because it at this stage is focused on reviewing the existing document and ensuring it is an up to date reflection of Councilís strategic aspirations for the city.






Making Places Review - Terms of Reference







Author: Wendy Moore

Divisional Manager, Strategy and Planning







Approved By: Kim Kelly

General Manager, Strategic Services